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cellulite stretch marks scars renuva sculptra sun damage


The following prices are pre-tax.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix Next Generation PRP PRFM

1 Vial: $495

2 Vials: $750

Laser Hair Removal Club

See Below for Details

Monthly Laser Hair Removal Program

Extra Small Area: $43 Per Month

Toes, Upper Lip, Between Brows, Nose, Ears, Knuckles, Hands

Small Area: $67 Per Month

Cheeks, Underarms, Chin, Jaw, Forehead, Side Burns, Bikini (Not Brazilian), Bunny Trail, Back of Neck, Front of Neck

2 Small or 1 Extra Small and 1 Small: $84 Per Month

Medium Area: $98 Per Month

Neck (Front and Back), Brazilian, Chest, Deltoid Shoulders, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Lower Legs (Front and Back), Upper Back, Lower Back, Butt Cheeks, Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Upper Legs  (Front and Back)

Large Area: $164 Per Month

Upper Legs (Front and Back), Chest and Abdomen, Brazilian and Buttocks, Full Arms, Full Back


1. Minimum 4 month commitment to Laser Hair Program required

2. Payments are automatically charged to your credit card on file

3. No Refunds

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